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Frequently Asked Questions:

-When should I get my picture taken?
We can take your photos anytime right up to your yearbook deadline but we recommend you get them done during the summer months. The reason for this is the weather is generally better, you’re more tan, and there are many more appointments available.
-Once I have my photos taken, how soon before I get my proofs?
We’ll generally get you your proofs within 72 hours. We can also get you your yearbook photo fairly quickly so if you do wait until the last minute, we can help you meet your deadline.
-How many proofs will I get and how long does the session take?
We don’t have a preset amount that we take and it varies from person to person. For the girls, a good average is between 200-250 and for the guys around 100-150. We have a TV in the studio and we’ll show you the photos as we take them. We’ll get feedback from you and take as many proofs as it takes to make you happy. Girls generally take 1-2 hours, guys usually around 1 hour
-I play on a sports team. Can I bring my uniform to pose in?
Yes, you are welcome to bring any props such as sports equipment, musical instrument, skateboard, pets, cars etc...
-Can my best friend come and watch?
Absolutely. We’re entourage friendly. Friends, Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters...whatever you want. Nobody knows you better than your close friends so why not have them there telling you if you hair looks right or if you’re smiling like a dork.
-I’m a guy. I hate having my picture taken. I think the whole senior portrait process is stupid. Can you help?
One of our specialties is guys who don’t want to have their picture taken. Trust us guys...we’ll make it quick and painless and still get you a photo your parents will love.
-If my friend and I have our sitting at the same time can we have some photos taken of us together?
Yes. We’re all about being flexible and giving you options. We’ll gladly take any “buddy” photos at no extra cost.
-What should I wear?
Unlike our competitors, we’re not going to put make-up on you or insist you wear certain colors or a specific style of shirt. We want to capture YOU being YOU. Wear whatever you feel you look good in. That can be anything from a t-shirt to a prom dress. It’s completely up to you. We’re all about giving you different options so feel free to bring as many outfits as you want.
-Any tips you can give me to look good for my session?
We usually recommend that you rent “Zoolander” and practice your“ Blue Steel” pose in the mirror. Just kidding. The best advice I can give is to come to your session relaxed and ready to have fun. I also recommend that you’re not shy about telling the photographer what you want. We will definitely guide you through the process and tell you how to pose but if you’ve seen a certain “look” you like in a magazine or yearbook, don’t hesitate to bring it in and show us.